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About Health Orchard

Pick what's right for you.

Pick what's right for you.

Health Orchard is an online health supplement store with a singular mission - to make the supplement shopping experience better for you.

Problem. Shopping for supplements online can be daunting and disappointing. There are so many products, prices, brands, forms, doses, quantities, and flavors - it's overwhelming. Plus, these products are not actively tested by the US government, so you don't even know if you can trust what you're buying.

That's why we created Health Orchard.

A supplement store that actually cares about you.  Imagine that.

A supplement store that actually cares about you. Imagine that.

Solution. We have improved the supplement shopping experience by offering the following:

  1. Price Comparison
  2. Price per Gram of Supplement
  3. Quality Testing & Grading
  4. Doctor Videos

Scroll down to find more details about each of these features.

Give us a try, and experience a better way to shop for supplements.

Pick what's right for you.

A supplement store that actually cares about you. Imagine that.

Vitamin and supplement price comparisons for Biotin from sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, iHerb, and HerbsPro.

1. Price Comparison of Supplements

We show the price at which major retailers are selling each product, and display those prices clearly so that you can see all the available options. We earn a small commission (typically 1-5% of the purchase price) when you click one of our price links and buy.

  • Clear prices
  • Honest service

Choose the lowest price or your favorite retailer, or shop around to see which retailer offers the best overall deal.

  • Putting the customer first
  • Keeping you fully informed

We also plan to soon carry products ourselves so that you can buy directly from Health Orchard.

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Price per gram of supplement for Vitamin B-12

2. Price per Gram of Supplement

Comparing supplements can be especially difficult because each product has different quantities and doses. For example, consider the following two bottles of Vitamin C - the first has 110 Tablets each 250 mg for $2.57 and the second has 250 Tablets each 500 mg for $4.93. How can you compare them?

  • First-of-its-kind tool!
  • A new way to shop for supplements

The best way is to compare their "Price per Gram of Supplement" - $0.09/mg of Vitamin C for the first versus $0.04/mg of Vitamin C for the second.

  • Customer-focused service
  • Helping you to shop smart

This allows you to compare apples to apples and make a fully informed decision about what you're buying. Grocery stores already do this by providing price per lb for fruits and meats. Why shouldn't supplements too?

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Quality testing results chart of vitamins and supplements.

3. Supplement Quality Testing & Grading

Did you know that health supplements are not actively tested by the US government? Supplements have a questionable reputation because so many do not contain as much (or any) of the ingredients they claim to have. We think this is unacceptable. We focus on:

  • Protecting our customers
  • Providing unbiased information

That's why we aim to test all our products for their supplement amount (e.g., calcium, biotin, protein, etc.) and heavy metals (i.e., arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury), using trustworthy certified laboratories. Based on the testing results, each product will receive a Quality Grade of A, B, C, D, or F.

  • Clear test result reporting
  • Actionable and useful information

Supplements cannot guarantee health benefits, but you should at least be able to trust that a supplement contains the ingredients that it claims to have. We give you that piece of mind.

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A doctor explaining the benefits of vitamins and supplements.

4. Doctor Videos on Health Supplements

Supplements often make so many claims, it can be hard to know what to believe. So let's hear from someone we can trust - a real licensed doctor. Our free vitamin and supplement videos will:

  • Clarifying the facts, cutting through the confusion
  • Providing honest, straightforward information

We aim to partner with real licensed doctors and other medical professionals, who will explain the uses, benefits, and risks of each heath and wellness product we offer. Our goal is to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of what each supplement can and cannot do, empowering you to make educated choices about your health.

  • Empowering you with facts you can trust
  • Putting the customer's health first

We know that it can be hard to see your own doctor about supplement questions, so we're bringing a doctor to you.

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