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New Chapter

Experience the transformative power of New Chapter supplements, a brand that delivers whole-food complexed nutrients for optimal absorption and effectiveness. Their product line includes a range of organic, non-GMO vitamins, minerals, herbs, and superfood blends, all thoughtfully crafted to support your well-being. We offer a comprehensive selection of New Chapter supplements, all independently tested for purity and potency. Use our price comparison tool and quality grades to find the best New Chapter product for your needs at the most competitive price.

  • The Quality Grade for this product is "NT" (Not Tested). We aim to test all the products Health Orchard offers, and will publish the Quality Testing results on each product’s page once they are available. Our goal is to empower our customers with the information they need to find safe and high-quality health supplements.
    Original price $7.99 - Original price $26.00
    Original price
    $7.99 - $26.00
    Current price $7.99
    $0.01 /mg of Zinc Oxide from Ferment Media

    New Chapter, Fermented Zinc Complex - Veg. Tablets / 15 mg / 60 Count

    New Chapter

  • The Quality Grade for this product is "NT" (Not Tested). We aim to test all the products Health Orchard offers, and will publish the Quality Testing results on each product’s page once they are available. Our goal is to empower our customers with the information they need to find safe and high-quality health supplements.
    Original price $7.99 - Original price $26.00
    Original price
    $7.99 - $26.00
    Current price $26.00
    $0.02 /mg of Zinc Oxide from Ferment Media

    New Chapter, Fermented Zinc Complex - Veg. Tablets / 15 mg / 90 Count

    New Chapter

Embrace Nature's Wisdom with New Chapter: Organic, Whole-Food Supplements for Vibrant Health

New Chapter is a pioneering brand in the world of natural health supplements, offering a comprehensive range of organic, whole-food-based products designed to support optimal wellness and vitality. With a commitment to sustainable sourcing, innovative formulations, and uncompromising quality, New Chapter has earned a reputation as a trusted leader in the industry, helping health-conscious individuals embrace the wisdom of nature and unleash their body's full potential. By incorporating New Chapter supplements into your daily routine, you can experience the transformative power of pure, potent, and holistic nutrition, nourishing your body, mind, and spirit for vibrant health and well-being.

The New Chapter Difference: Purity, Potency, and Holistic Wisdom

New Chapter's success and popularity can be attributed to their unwavering dedication to three core principles: purity, potency, and holistic wisdom. By sourcing the finest organic ingredients, harnessing the power of whole-food fermentation, and honoring the synergistic wisdom of nature, New Chapter ensures that every product delivers the optimal health benefits and environmental responsibility that discerning consumers expect.

Key features that set New Chapter apart include:

  1. Organic, Whole-Food Ingredients: New Chapter supplements are crafted using a wide variety of organic, non-GMO whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, and mushrooms, providing a full spectrum of nutrients in their most natural and bioavailable forms.
  2. Fermentation Process: Many New Chapter products undergo a unique two-step fermentation process, which enhances the bioavailability and potency of the nutrients while also promoting gentle digestibility and overall wellness.
  3. Sustainable Sourcing: New Chapter is committed to sustainable and ethical sourcing practices, working with organic farmers and wild-crafters to ensure the long-term health and viability of the ecosystems and communities from which their ingredients are derived.
  4. Innovative Formulations: New Chapter collaborates with leading experts in the fields of herbal medicine, nutrition, and integrative health to develop cutting-edge formulations that reflect the latest scientific research and traditional wisdom.
  5. Transparency and Integrity: With a strong focus on transparency and integrity, New Chapter provides comprehensive information about their sourcing, manufacturing, and testing practices, ensuring that consumers can trust the quality and safety of their products.

New Chapter Product Highlights

New Chapter offers an extensive range of organic, whole-food supplements designed to support various aspects of health and well-being, addressing the unique needs and goals of health-conscious individuals. Some of their most popular and effective products include:

  1. Every Woman's One Daily Multivitamin: This comprehensive, whole-food multivitamin is specially formulated to support the unique needs of women, with targeted nutrients for bone health, immune support, and overall vitality.
  2. Zyflamend Whole Body: This innovative herbal formula features a blend of ten potent herbs, including turmeric, ginger, and green tea, to support healthy inflammation response and overall wellness.
  3. Bone Strength Take Care: This plant-based calcium supplement combines organic algae-derived calcium with magnesium, vitamin D3, and vitamin K2 to support optimal bone health and strength.
  4. Wholemega Fish Oil: Sourced from wild Alaskan salmon, this whole-food fish oil supplement provides naturally balanced ratios of omega-3 fatty acids, along with naturally occurring vitamin D3 and astaxanthin for added health benefits.
  5. Turmeric Force: This potent turmeric supplement features a full-spectrum extract of organic turmeric root, including curcuminoids, turmerones, and other beneficial compounds, to support healthy inflammation response and overall well-being.

Related Vitamins and Supplements

While New Chapter offers a comprehensive range of organic, whole-food supplements, certain additional products can complement their formulas and support overall health and well-being. Some relevant options to consider alongside New Chapter supplements include:

  1. Probiotics: These beneficial bacteria support digestive health, immune function, and overall well-being, working synergistically with the fermented, whole-food goodness of many New Chapter products.
  2. Vitamin D3: This crucial vitamin supports immune health, bone strength, and overall vitality, and can be especially important for those with limited sun exposure or who follow a plant-based diet.
  3. Omega-3 Fatty Acids: In addition to New Chapter's Wholemega fish oil, a variety of high-quality omega-3 supplements can provide essential EPA and DHA for optimal brain health, cardiovascular function, and inflammatory balance.
  4. Adaptogenic Herbs: Herbs like ashwagandha, rhodiola, and holy basil can help to support the body's natural stress response, promote resilience, and enhance the holistic benefits of New Chapter's herbal formulations.

Experience the New Chapter Difference

At Health Orchard, we are proud to offer a carefully curated selection of New Chapter supplements, each designed to harness the wisdom of nature for optimal health and vitality. Our New Chapter collection features a wide range of organic, whole-food-based supplements for every aspect of your wellness journey, from foundational nutrition and immune support to targeted formulas for specific health concerns.

Whether you're looking to nourish your body with the purest, most natural ingredients, support specific health goals, or simply embrace a more holistic approach to wellness, our New Chapter supplement collection has the perfect product to meet your unique needs and preferences.

Witness the transformative potential of organic, whole-food nutrition and experience the difference that New Chapter supplements can make in your journey towards vibrant health and well-being. Browse our selection today and take the first step towards embracing nature's wisdom with the power of New Chapter.

By combining the organic, whole-food nutrition of New Chapter supplements with a well-rounded approach to supporting your unique health needs, you can create a personalized wellness plan that empowers you to thrive and experience the vibrant well-being that comes from harnessing the wisdom of nature.

Frequently Asked Questions about New Chapter

1. Who owns New Chapter?

New Chapter is owned by Procter & Gamble (P&G), a multinational consumer goods corporation based in the United States. P&G acquired New Chapter in 2012 as part of its strategy to expand its presence in the natural health and wellness market. Despite the acquisition, New Chapter continues to operate as a separate brand within the P&G family, maintaining its commitment to producing high-quality, whole-food-based supplements. The acquisition has provided New Chapter with additional resources and support to grow and innovate while staying true to its core values and mission.

2. Is New Chapter a clean brand?

Yes, New Chapter is considered a clean brand in the supplement industry. The company is committed to using organic, non-GMO, and sustainably sourced ingredients whenever possible. New Chapter's products are made with whole-food ingredients and are formulated to be easily absorbed and utilized by the body. The company also follows strict quality control standards and undergoes third-party testing to ensure the purity, potency, and safety of its supplements. Additionally, New Chapter is dedicated to transparency and provides detailed information about its ingredients, sourcing, and manufacturing processes.

3. Are  New Chapter vitamins synthetic?

New Chapter vitamins are not entirely synthetic. The company prides itself on using whole-food-based ingredients in its supplements whenever possible. New Chapter's vitamins and minerals are derived from organic, non-GMO, and sustainably sourced whole foods, which are then expertly blended to create nutrient-dense formulations. While some of their products may contain trace amounts of synthesized ingredients for stability or consistency purposes, New Chapter strives to minimize the use of synthetic components and focus on natural, whole-food-based nutrition.

4. Are New Chapter vitamins FDA approved?

New Chapter vitamins, like other dietary supplements, are not directly approved by the FDA. However, the company adheres to the FDA's Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) and other relevant regulations to ensure the safety, quality, and consistency of its products. New Chapter also follows strict internal quality control processes and undergoes third-party testing to verify the purity and potency of its supplements. While not FDA-approved, New Chapter products are manufactured in compliance with FDA regulations and industry standards.

5. Is the New Chapter third-party tested?

Yes, New Chapter products undergo rigorous third-party testing to ensure their quality, purity, and potency. The company partners with independent, certified laboratories to conduct comprehensive analyses of its raw materials and finished products. This third-party testing verifies that New Chapter supplements meet the highest standards of quality and safety, giving consumers confidence in the effectiveness and reliability of the products. New Chapter is committed to transparency and makes its third-party test results available to customers upon request.